Rain Barrel Diverter - 3 Money Saving Tips With Rain Barrel Diverters

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Water shortages are occurring throughout many cities in the country.  One of the best ways to save money and help the environment is to buy and use a rain water collection system.  I advocate buying a rain barrel instead of making one yourself because they are relatively inexpensive and generally more efficient than the basic bucket you may be tempted to use on your own.

Here are three easy ways to save money using the rainwater you have collected:

(1) Get A Rain Collection System

Get a rain collection system that you can affix a garden hose to.  Many rain barrels come with a spigot so that you can attach your garden hose.  This is very important as it helps avoid waste due to spillage.  Also, you are more likely to use the water in the rain collection if it is easier to get to.

(2) Use Less Water On Gardening

Use your rainwater to offset some of your irrigation needs.  If you live in an area with regular rainfall, you can schedule your sprinklers to run less often.  Simply attach a garden hose to your rain collection system and water your flowers or lawn directly from the rain barrel.  If you live an area with a less regular rainfall you can turn your sprinklers on manually, as needed.

(3) Use Rain Water To Wash Vehicles

Another great way to save money is to use the rain water you have collected to wash your cars.  Your savings here are twofold.  First, you will have saved money buy using water you have gotten for free.  And secondly, you save the cost of having your car washed professionally. 

Collecting rainwater is so easy everyone should do it.  The area of your rooftop helps to gather large quantities of water.  You can consolidate this and collect gallons of water, and it's all free.

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Rain Barrel Diverter - 3 Money Saving Tips With Rain Barrel Diverters

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This article was published on 2010/04/01