the most interesting activity in the rain

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Some people love to play in the rain. Playing in the rain has its own thrill for us. We do need this activity sometimes. You can jog, run or playing a volley ball and football in the rain. These activities will become fanciful activities. Another fanciful activity is detecting metal.

If you are fond of metal detecting activity, of course you will be understood why is it very good to play in the rain? When the land is wet, the detector could detect deeper level which means that you can get more stuff underground. The chance to get more precious stuff will be also bigger. This is the best time to go to detecting metal.

Detecting in the rain will be difficult if you do not have waterproof metal detector. Instead of buying an expensive waterproof metal detector, you can cover and wrap your detector with plastic bags. You can also buy a commercial meter covers if you want to.

The advantages of detecting metal in the rain is because there will be less even no competition in finding "treasure". You can go the beach. In this condition your device is able to detect deeper things. More over people are likely to be in their house rather than to go out side.

You need to have wetsuits and raincoat. The rain coat will keep you from the rain. The wetsuit keeps you from the wind. Wind in the rain will make you chill. You can wear raincoat after wearing your wetsuit. You can cover your eyes from dripping water using a cap. Some people said that baseball caps can works well.

You may need waterproof headphone to do this activity because water could damage your headphone. You can also use your regular headphone in the rain. As long it is not hard rain, your head phone will be okay.

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the most interesting activity in the rain

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This article was published on 2010/11/18